Send Mishloach Manos to family and friends in Israel

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Prices include delivery to Jerusalem and environs*

All Kosher with Badatz Eida HaChareidis supervision

Original Pak

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Health Pak

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Chocolate Maven

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Original Pak - $36

Health Pak - $45

Chocolate Maven - $55


      Ultimate Brunch 

Ultimate Brunch - $65 

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Pak Royale

           Pak Royale - $75   

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The  following add-ons can accompany  any of the  above  Paks: 
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Mini add-on

Mini Pak -only $5 
Perfect treat for roommates, friends,or grand- children! 

Thank You Add-on

Thank-You Pak - $20

Teachers, staff, or anyone else will enjoy this display of your appreciation

Substitution is sometimes necessary, but quality will not be compromised!

* Prices include delivery to Jerusalem,  Beitar,  Beit Meir,  Beit Shemesh, Ramat Beit Shemesh, 

Givat Zev, Mevasseret Zion, Telzstone, Bnai Brak, Brachfeld  &  Kiryat Sefer